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Gregory Cain

review by Michael Lohr

When The Wind Is High is an excellent collection of ambient tribal music. This music is perfect for relaxation, meditation or spiritual reflection. Gregory Cain's music is filled with passion and emotion. This isn't some bland, listless new age record packaged as if it's metaphysical Celtic that actually sounds like third-rate elevator music (you know who I am talking about here but I won't mention any names). This music is real. Yes, it's new age, and yes this is an instrumental record, but this is music to move the soul.

This is perfect music to wind down with after a long day at your job, or the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Songs like Spirits In The Trees, The Wolf In Winter, and Viper's Waltz are excellent musical instrumentals that show Cain's virtuosity. While the song One Evening At Spring Lake is a beautiful musical passage that could calm the most troubled waters. He is a multi-talented musician who can play everything from the guitar, flute, drums, to more unique Middle Eastern instruments such as the doumbek, beladis, malfoufs and chiftitellis. Cain has promised us a CD of Arabic flavored music, considering his Turskish Hooka meets Dead Can Dance musings, such a project holds great promise.

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Greg Cain studied musical theory and composition at Western Michigan University (since I'm a huge Bowling Green State University Falcons hockey fan and WMU is a rival of ours, I will refrain from comment on the Broncos). He played drums for the Northern California-based bands Sway, Nus and Dance The Moon and recorded/ released records with Nus for SubRosa. His musical influences range from the more traditional classical musicians such as Igor Stravinsky, Stuart Copeland and Andrea Segovia to more new age musically oriented composers like Steve Roach and Stephen Kent. His credentials are impeccable as is his music.

When The Wind Is High is a musically capricious CD. The songs are fluid and moving and it is worth your effort to get yourself a copy as soon as you can.

Edited by Tony Lee
for PIGASUS Press