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  • John Otway Is there life after TOTP? John Otway and 'Wild' Willy Barrett perform live on the Isle Of Wight, as part of their Final Straw tour... Meanwhile, we also review documentary feature Otway The Movie - Steve Barker's enjoyable biographical portrait of a uniquely talented cult hero of distinctly British rock 'n' roll.
  • Clockwork Angels Canadian band Rush have finally released new album Clockwork Angels, featuring two songs premiered on stage during their recent Time Machine tour, one show of which was recorded last year for DVD Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland.
  • In the Land of Grey and Pink If prog-rockers Caravan had to do it all over again... would they do it any differently? Andrew Darlington interviews Pye Hastings to coincide with the release of the 3-CD deluxe edition (May 2011) of In The Land Of Grey And Pink by Caravan.
  • Beach Boys US pop's official spokesmen for surfing, cars, and girls (perhaps not in that order?) The Beach Boys were international hit makers whose 1960s' music swept the world, and their story of summer continues today. British reviewers Andrew Darlington and J.C. Hartley comment on a couple of recent DVD releases... An American Band and Summer Dreams.
  • Dave Stewart What is Platinum Weird? Who is Erin Grace? Dave Stewart has moved on from The Eurythmics - back into the past. Re-launching a band he was part of in 1973... or is he? Was he..? Like the album title, is it all Make Believe? Is Platinum Weird Dave Stewart's Gorillaz? Andrew Darlington gets some answers...

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